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Discussion on: Why You Need To Learn Python | Become a Certified Python Programmer

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Renato Byrro

Hi Sajjad,

Just a friendly feedback. I don't mean to discourage at all, go ahead and double your efforts on your tech writing!

It's not a nice experience for us to start reading an article and, unexpectedly, be told to leave the site to continue the reading. Kinda disrupts the mind process.

And it isn't nice to the people behind DEV, either. They've put in a great deal of effort and it's also their business. Coming in only to drive people away, without contributing to the platform content doesn't look fair.

You wanna build your own blog audience and that is legit. One suggestion: consider creating different levels of content. You publish something begginner/intermediate on DEV and tell people: "Hey, if you're interested on this content, I also published an [ advanced guide / ebook / video tutorials / whatever ] on my blog".

But my advice is: make sure you're being generous and really select valuable content for DEV community. Posting something with low relevancy just for the sake of linking to your blog defeats the purpose. This will also push yourself to study more and be able to produce advanced content for your blog.

This is all in the DEV Terms as well, so you might also wanna check the legalities.

Keep up the writing work and your blog. It's not an easy task, but continued efforts payoff in the long run.