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Discussion on: How conventional commits improved my git skills

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Cedric van Putten • Edited

Great post about conventional commits Imani! We've been doing it for a year now at Peakfijn (a company I work for), and I never want to go back. We've had some discussions within the team about the types we need and eventually, we created our own type-list based on Angular conventions.

Our biggest problem was to get everyone committing valid commits. Along the way, we found some great tools which can really help. Especially when combining this in an automated continuous integration system! Hope it can help anyone :)

  1. conventional-changelog - Generate changelogs and release notes from a project's commit messages and metadata.
  2. semantic-release - Fully automated version management and package publishing
  3. commitlint - Lint commit messages

Disclaimer; I became one of the maintainers of Commitlint and wrote an Expo plugin for Semantic Release

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Maniflames Author

These are some gems! I'll definitely try them out in my upcoming projects :D

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Chris Westcott

I'd also add commitizen to that list. It walks you through the steps, at commit, to get the message correct without having to memorise the syntax.

Really great when used in combination with the above tools.