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How do you react when receiving feedback?
Bruno Farias
Bruno Farias

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How do you react when receiving feedback?

When someone gives you feedback whether positive or negative, how do you react to it?

Do you understand that this is part of the process of personal and professional growth or depends on who gives the feedback?

Quando alguém lhe dá um feedback positivo ou negativo, como você reage a isso?

Você entende que isso faz parte do processo de crescimento pessoal e profissional ou depende de quem dá o feedback?

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Donald Feury

It doesn't depend on who gives the feedback but what the feedback actually is and the rationale behind the feedback.

If its positive, I tried to find out what I specifically did right so I can do that more in the future.

If its negative, I press for the reason behind the critique. If the critique was backed by some sensible reason, we usually end up having a productive discussion about. If its just "I don't like it" then its sound like you're just throwing your two cents in the for the sake of it and I don't really care what you had to say about it. You're not contributing anything to the discussion.

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when it's positive: I tend not to show how proud I am of myself, I thank the person with a smile and go along with my day (while dancing like crazy in my head).

When it's negative: I tend not to show how much this affects me, because it does. Later I analyze how this could have been avoided and what lead to this point so I wouldn't make the same mistake again.

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Alok Prateek

I always quietly listen to it and try to understand it. I usually take a day or two thinking on the feedback and give my input(s) if any.

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Nucu Labs

I try to listen to the person and accept what he says if it's valid. If it's not valid, I try to argue with him why we shouldn't do that.