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re: It will be very interesting to hear what do you, or your classmates, think about this? Do you already have some idea how to improve school system? ...

The CS department is far behind other school's with similar departments. We tried to talk to the adviser/dean because lots of classes here have issues with material (learning legacy materials/wrong approach to problems), but nobody is held responsible so it was really no help. The dean told us to talk to the adviser, and the adviser told us to talk to the dean.

The senior level classes have gotten better in terms of professors, but the high level professors agree that the system needs to change.

The way that I think the classes should be fixed is learning why things work rather than changing languages and taking a deep dive for every single class. My classes right now make you code in a specific language with SUPER specific code standards but I think what makes you better at what you do is figuring out the task at hand and come up with a working solution rather than agonizing over PHP solving a problem that might take a few lines in Node or Go.

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