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I highly recommend giving Julia Evans a follow on Twitter. I recently bought this Zine from her, HTTP: Learn your browser's language!. I haven't finished it yet, but I like her approach to teaching concepts in general.


Awesome. Will follow her and check it out.


If you want a simple explanation, HTTP is like a language. You talk in english, your browser mostly talk in HTTP.

When you search "dev.to" in your browser, it will ask the dev.to server with HTTP (just a specific syntax) to get the right file, and the dev.to server will return the webpage with the same language so your browser can understand. HTTP includes some meta-data to help your browser to understand what's going on, like status code (if the server had a problem, if the server can't find the file, etc) or even what type of data it's looking for (HTML file, plain text, image..)

You can just see HTTP a language that you never have to read if it's not your job, but without it, internet won't be as fun


Oh wow. This is really good.


What have you figured out and what are you still stuck on?


Not stuck. Was looking to get different perspectives and comments as I prepare my notes to teach a class


My perspective just comes from the Mozilla Developer Network and OSI Model... I know that's not terribly helpful 😅😆

What I mean though is I've read a lot of these resources located on this page developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/W...

Got it lol


Http is how we transfer files on the internet. When you type a website address on your browser, you are making an HTTP request. You want something from that address.