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Christos Koumpis
Christos Koumpis

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Reflecting my 4 month journey as Junior Software Engineer

Hello Devs,

Today I’d like to share with you my 4 month journey as Junior Software Engineer. From the beginning my familiarity with PHP and its framework Laravel was humble. Additionally, I honed my skills in JavaScript (Vue.js), PostgreSQL and MySQL.

The day I received the offer was an exciting time for me. Announcing my new role as a Software Engineer filled me with pride, knowing that I had achieved my first goal and now I was looking forward into the next steps!

As my first day dawned and I was prepared for it… I was ready to engage with new people learn more about their stack and contribute into new projects. My journey started with reading code and asking questions from general to more intricate ones.

The time passed and my first project arrived! I was sure that I will manage to make it and I put all of my effort in it! I searched, I read and I finally did it! I was so happy and I was feeling so productive that I managed to reach this first milestone in my career!

As I look forward, this journey remains steadfast and a lot of Challenges lie ahead, but so do opportunities for innovation.

To those aspiring to achieve their goals, embrace opportunities fearlessly when they come knocking. Try to be different and do not be afraid for everything that comes into your path.

Until next time,


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Hari Krishna

Hi Christos,

Thank you for sharing your journey over the past 4 months as a Junior Software Engineer. It's always inspiring to hear about someone's growth and development in this field.

Congratulations on landing your first role and achieving that important career milestone. The transition from learning to contributing on production projects can be daunting, but it sounds like you put in the time and effort to ramp up successfully. Being resourceful, asking questions, and having the drive to see projects through are all key skills for a new engineer.

Wishing you all the best as your career progresses! The first 4 months are just the beginning of an exciting path ahead. Keep up the great work!

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Christos Koumpis

Thank you!