Let's rewrite Typescript in Rust!

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If I'm sure of one thing, it is that typescript completely changed the way developers viewed javascript.

working with javascript in small and medium projects is not a problem but in bigger and more complex projects it is much more difficult. JavaScript was not originally intended to be a language for creating complex applications as it is today, behaviors like these are some of the reasons why javascript is heavily criticized:

{} + "" // 0

[] + {} // [object Object]

10 + "10" // 1010

10 - "5" // 5

Yes, javascript is rare but it is the language that changed the world since it is the only programming language to run in the backend and frontend.

In 2012, typescript arrived as a superset language that compiled to javascript and brought javascript closer to languages ​​with strong types such as java or C#

So far so good, what is the problem?

typescript bottleneck

the typescript compiler is slow, and don't get me wrong the compiler developers are doing a good job, the problem is node js, node js is designed to use a single core of the processor, it can work with multiple processes but in practice only a single core is used. which causes that when compiling typescript node js cannot take full advantage of the power of your processor, so the compilation can be slow in some cases.

so what is the solution?


rust is a multi-paradigm language, compiled and concurrent that saw the light in its first version in 2015, this is developed by mozilla and is open source.

SWC is a compiler for typescript and javascript written in rust and is being developed by a 22 year old South Korean student. is making it possible to lower compile times by using rust as the language.

if tools like webpack or babel were written in languages ​​like rust or go that allow us to use all the cores of our processor, we would have more efficient and faster development tools.

then Let's rewrite Typescript in Rust!

this post is inspired by the tweet of Jonny Burger
Let's rewrite Typescript in Rust!

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Hello, Deno does something about this no?


Part of this concern comes from the fact that I am working on a CLI to for deno and wanted to optimize working times but it takes a long time for the typescript compiler, deno includes the official compiler


Good to know I am learning js/Deno in the same time and the information helps

any questions, I have no problem helping you


Check out esbuild for fast ts bundles


Yep, esbuild is crazy fast and is being written by an extremely talented and experienced developer - it solves the compile speed problem for both TS and ES, so in the likely event that you're going to bundle, well... 🙂

See also Facebook's Rome project, which I think is going to compete in the same space.


Kotlin and Clojure also run both in the backend and frontend. If you include wasm it's a bunch more.


Hi there I’m interested in this project, where is the GitHub repo?