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  1. Learned Flash while working as a parking attendant at a ski resort. Season ended, left. Want: to not swing hammers and work with computers
  2. Some got a job doing video pre/post-production because of Flash skills, never used them on that job. Got fired, totally worth it. Want: a job in my home state.
  3. Got job making Flash banners, started picking up HTML, CSS, JS on same job. Economy crashed, laid off with department. Want: a job creating animations with Flash.
  4. Got job as web designer and made a bunch of front-end stuff for the dev team because they kept telling me it was too complicated. It wasn't. Want: a job, the economy just crashed.
  5. Jumped to an agency as a front-end web dev, did that a few more times while picking up more all around skills. Want: to feel like I was able to evolve, I saw that in web development (versus web design)
  6. Got hired as web developer for a small agency. Want: a place close to home, no commute, doing the same stuff I've been doing.
  7. Now I'm working as an analytics developer. Want: remote, remote, remote.

No real game plan, just kept rolling, learn what is in front of me, learn what I don't want to learn. Just keep swimming and going. So now I use primarily JS, CSS and JS. PHP, MySQL, and a whole bunch of other stuff has been shelved for this job because it's not needed. I'm working on learning golang, ethereum and VR on my own because that is where I'd like to go. You can also notice that I started career focused and shifted to family focused once I had a career to point to.

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Jonathan Lacanlale Author

Talk about a large shift wow! It's awesome that you had consistently thought/known about what you wanted. I think thats tough and hard to do, especially when pressures present. Big ups to you