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re: yarn dev runs well, not the node command. No problem all code have bugs, I'll test with version 0.1.

The same error with 0.1. Just to be sure if it was my OS I tested whit github.com/SimulatedGREG/electron-vue and does build and make de package for windows (the installer and .exe).

I'll test later on my PC (I'm at work right now)

I'm testing it on my Mac, then nextron@0.3.2(now latest) can build all packages.

Your error may be npx's bug, which is containing spaces in directory path.
So I decided to change code like below:

exec('npx webpack --config=***', { cwd })

exec('node_modules/.bin/webpack --config=***', { cwd })

So avoid npx bugs, Nextron has no requirements like npm >= 5.2 now!

I'm on my way to work, i'll test it, another option could be that Windows don't support build for OS X

nextron@0.3.4 is now released, which fixes yarn build error problem mainly on Windows!
(I tested Windows 7 (64bit) :)

It fail the first time, but on the second try it succeed.
(Windows 10 Home x64)

Yarn Succeed

Yarn Succeed

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