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Got New Rdoc Merged into Ruby Core!

burdettelamar profile image Burdette Lamar ・2 min read

[Previously I put this onto Jess's "What Was Your Win This Week?" thread, but also wanted to share here on Ruby.]

Over at Reddit/r/ruby, @ioquatix, on the Ruby core team, saw my plea about reviews and merges for the enhance documentation I've been building for Ruby. He's taken an interest, and is working with me to get things moving.

In my AboutRuby project I have doc patches for all methods in Hash, and for all but the last two in Array.

TL;DR [Previous lament]

I've been working on enhancements to the documentation for the Ruby project. Getting these enhancements posted to the Ruby project has been very slow. They're not actually meeting resistance; I know because my many PRs for enhancing class ENV were accepted (though not rapidly). It's just that everyone is busy.

Anyhow, I'm stashing all this stuff on in my own project, called AboutRuby. The piecemeal migration from there to the Ruby project is not going to be completed in my lifetime (I'm 77 years old).

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Great news, Burdette! Thanks so much for your many contributions.