Discussion on: Describe the worst coding culture you've been a part of

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Burdette Lamar

When I was a tester, I worked on a product that consisted of many sort-of "micro-commands."

To test a patch release, I was given only a bullet list of the commands that had been modified.

Not wanting to whine about the sparse info (no one loves a whiny tester!), I just went into the source code history myself to find out what changed.

While there, I saw a couple of changes that were not in the list. When I politely asked about that, a dev said there were no such changes.

When I cited the filenames and line numbers, the dev manager sent me a nastygram and cut off my access to source control.

This was the same guy whose first response to learning that there might be a problem usually was to say "Close the door."

Happily, he was eventually fired. (You can be nasty to the testers, but you can't lie to sales.)