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Building a Technical Legacy

burdettelamar profile image Burdette Lamar ・1 min read

For forty years I labored the the software business, working in documentation, development, and test automation. Nothing of what I did is still in use. To quote Shelley, "Nothing beside remains."

Since retiring, I've spent time:

  • Writing for my blog.
  • Posting here and on Reddit.
  • Working on open-source projects of my own.
  • Making Rubygems for a few of those.

None of this has much reach. It's amazing how quickly stuff recedes from the search engines. (Think red-shift.)

So, for more than a year I've been putting up doc PRs over at the Ruby site. (A while back I was made a ruby-committer -- still feeling biggity about that!)

These PRs represent major revisions and extensions to the doc, some of which I've posted about here. These doc pages do have major reach. They will be my technical legacy.

Found my spot.

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