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Senior software Engineer

The historical obscurity of the SEGA SC-3000 Personal Computer

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6 min read

Laser Drift: Reverse engineering slot cars for fun and (maybe) profit!

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11 min read

Hulkamania! Or; How I made our office play personalized entrance theme music

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6 min read

DOM elements with ID's are global variables

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2 min read

P″ - The original Brainf*ck and mother of the Turing tarpits

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8 min read

The Balanced Ternary Machines of Soviet Russia

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9 min read

ComputerPionee.rs or: How six hours turned into six months

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4 min read

Simple technique for car engine sounds in video games

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Aha! Understanding lifetimes in Rust

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5 min read

Building a DIY arcade machine, part 1: Baby Steps

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4 min read

Building a DIY arcade machine, part 0: Motivation

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3 min read

ClojureScript saved me 100 hours

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3 min read

Dim Jump, Löve and Lua

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3 min read

Comprehending first-class continuations

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