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Creating Ephemeral Environments for CI/CD (GitOps) Pipelines with Kubernetes

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🌐 [Upcoming Webinar] Testing your application in a production-like environment can help you catch bugs early in the development life cycle and increase the overall quality of the shipped product. However, setting up your CI/CD pipeline in a way that allows you to set up ephemeral production-like environments is not a trivial undertaking.

But... Kubernetes can help. Join Sorin Dumitrescu, VP of Engineering, and Cristian Blanaru, SRE team lead as they explore 🔍:

☑️ How to use Kubernetes to create cost-effective, ephemeral environments that look like production
☑️ How to easily integrate GitLab and GitHub pipeline testing with Bunnyshell using ephemeral environments
☑️ How to run tests automatically for every PR to accelerate code quality and see all changes in real-time before each merge

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