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Emma Ngo
Emma Ngo

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Create a portfolio website without coding. Why not??

figma to code
figma to code


With the rapid development of AI, developers have been facing the question of whether AI can replace developers. The answer to this question depends on the perspective of each individual.

In this article, I will focus on the fact that, thanks to a few AI tools, it is now possible for anyone to create a website, not just developers. You can be a designer, or simply have the skills to use Figma.

Using Figma, you only need to have good aesthetic sense and a good layout for the interface to create your own portfolio website.

Some Figma Plugins

Readmore here: Figma to Code


Here is a product created using DhiWise, with some manual source code edits.



Source code demo: BunDemo — Figma to code

I am always looking for feedback on my writing, so please let me know what you think._ ❤️

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Abdi Ali

What a great idea now website is becoming for everyone. Please could you explain some more on how to use figma to code thank you