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Discussion on: Let's talk about Lodash

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Robin Schulz

I've been using Lodash and Underscore since their existence and have made use of them extensively! However, this changed half a year ago when I started working on a lightweight Microservice component that I build with Node.js, where every single byte counts.

Now that I got rid of Lodash/Underscore, I basically recreated the helper functions I was using; it's even more fun to use them as I now precisely know what they're doing and with what data types I'm dealing with and ultimately no longer need to be prepared for all eventualities and types.

P.S. I kind of agree with @lexlohr . Even for me and 20+ years of experience, I often didn't even try to understand how some of the helper functions work; I just used them and got instant results, eez.

I can definitely recommend using one of the two libraries when starting a new project. As soon as you know which helper functions you ultimately need, you can start replacing the library helper functions with your logic using Lodash its .mixin() feature to extend core helper functions with custom ones. In this case, you want to overwrite core functions with your logic: If this is done, you can replace the Lodash helper functions with your own helper functions.