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Bukhori M. Aqid
Bukhori M. Aqid

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Making any chrome os device your second screen

For a while now, I'm trying to make my Lenovo Duet as my portable second screen. I don't want to carry around monitors everywhere and my main devices for traveling are Macbook and Chromebook. That's why I thought it would be cool if I can use my Duet Chromebook as my second screen.

First, I tried several options:

Finally I found Deskreen

In order to use this app, I need to purchase some hardware (virtual plug) that enables me to extend the screen. However, the result is pretty satisfactory. The connection is stable and even though there are lags, it's still acceptable.


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Pavlo Buidenkov • Edited

Thank you for telling your story on how you use Deskreen!
(I created Deskreen)

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Bukhori M. Aqid Author

Thank you for creating Deskreen!