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re: Macbook Pro As a web developer, windows is not my suitable os for development. Although I use ubuntu, I still need to use Adobe Products. So, the b...

How is Windows not suitable for web development? I know it's subjective, but I'd like to know arguments πŸ™‚


The main reason is SSH connection. I don't wanna use putty or wsl. And I have faced troubles in various project concerning directory separator "/" and "\". I don't feel good using default cmd or console2 and even new terminal.
But it is just my personal feeling. I love windows, not for development.

Now on windows ssh is native ( on home edition is a single checkbox ) ; powershell not so bad ( lack a little for themes). I use both Linux and windows, so I’m not a fanboy

ssh on WSL is fine. WSL itself is pointless in my opinion, but ssh is fine.

Never used WSL infact. I’m saying natively, not with WSL


I use three (Windows, Mac and Linux) and Windows require way more setup like avoid CRLF end of line char, swapping between consoles. i.e. I use Git Bash for git operations, PowerShell to run docker commands and WSL for kubernetes commands (I tried to use only one but seems like it requires more tricks). This means different ways to copy and paste, different scripts for automation of tasks and different profile directories. I use Windows because I have to. I wouldn't say "is not suitable for web development" but definitely Mac and Linux and more developer friendly.

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