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How Open Source can make you code better

Hey there! 👋🏼

If you've ever wondered how you can get better at coding and maybe even have a bit more fun along the way, diving into the world of Open Source software could be just what you need.

I asked chat GPT what they thought of Open Source and here is their answer:

“It’s like joining a vast, bustling coffee shop where everyone shares
your interest in technology and is eager to swap knowledge and tools.”

And I kinda love that. 😊

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to brush up on your programming skills, Open Source is a fantastic way to learn from others, tackle real-world problems, and contribute to projects you care about.

So, why not grab your metaphorical coffee, pull up a chair, and get ready to code better together? ☕

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Here’s how getting involved with Open Source can make you a better coder:

1. Exposure to Diverse Coding Practices

When you contribute to Open Source projects, you’re exposed to a wide range of coding styles and practices.

Different developers from around the world may work on the same project, each bringing their unique approach to problem-solving and coding and you can learn a lot from them, and teach as well.

By reading and understanding their code, you can learn new techniques and ways of thinking that you might not encounter in your regular work because everyone there usually has to have a similar work flow and are already used to working together.

2. Opportunity to Work on Real-World Projects

Open Source projects are not just exercises or hypothetical scenarios; they are real tools used by people every day. This means the code you write or contribute towards has real-world applications.

Working on such projects can provide practical experience that is often highly valued by employers and you can work on projects that you use in your daily programming. How cool is that?

3. Enhance Your Problem-Solving Skills

Contributing to Open Source is like tackling a series of puzzles that really get your brain juices flowing, even though sometimes these puzzles can get really frustrating 😬

Whether you're squashing a bug, planning a new feature, or streamlining some clunky code, each challenge nudges you to think more critically and creatively.

And here's the best part: as you go through these problems, you're not just boosting your coding skills—you're actually leveling up as a developer. It’s a brilliant way to learn, grow, and help a cool project long the way!

4. Learn to Collaborate and Communicate

The days when developers were lonely dudes working from a dark room are over (were they even a real thing?) So if you want to be a great Dev you need to know how to communicate.

Open Source projects thrive on collaboration. They often require interacting with other contributors to discuss issues, review code, and share ideas. Through this collaboration, you can learn how to effectively communicate your ideas and work as part of a team.

These soft skills are just as important as technical abilities in a professional environment.

5. Gain Familiarity with Version Control Systems

Most Open Source projects use tools like Git for version control. Regularly using these tools can improve your proficiency in managing different versions of your code, contributing to multiple projects, and collaborating with other developers.

These skills are essential for any modern software development role, and it something you learn best with practice!

6. Receive Constructive Feedback

Many Open Source projects have communities that review contributions before they are accepted. This feedback can be invaluable for personal development.

Other developers can provide insights and suggestions that you may not have considered, helping you to improve your coding techniques.

Plus, you will learn to receive feedback, something that can be a little scary, if we are being honest, but that can help us to grow not only as developers, but as people as well.

7. Understand the Big Picture

I think this is my favorite: Working on Open Source projects helps you understand the lifecycle of software development from conception to deployment and maintenance. Usually at work we have set tasks, especially if we work at big companies, and may not have a vision of the whole software, or even where the code we are doing really fits.

This holistic view is super important if you want to grow as a software developer, as it goes beyond coding to include project management and strategic planning. The more involved you get in a project, the better will be your understanding of your comprehension of this lifecycle. Isn't it super cool?


Engaging with Open Source projects isn’t just about writing code—it’s about becoming a better developer and a more rounded professional.

The skills you learn through these experiences can help to level up your career, make you a more effective team member, and improve your coding abilities.

So dive into the Open Source world; it’s a rewarding journey that benefits your personal growth and the wider tech community.

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Samuel 'Sanarielsen' Henrique • Edited

I will share a project made when I study and practice my skills as Open Source project. Read this article is so good to know how can I make this process more organized for other developers. Awesome!

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Leticia @levxyca

Love it!

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Dipak Ahirav

Excellent 👌🏻👍💯