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Discussion on: Do I NEED a personal website/portfolio?

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Bugsy Sailor
  1. Yes.
    1a. Yes.
    1b. Yes.
    1c. Ok, I'm biased, and have never really been in a position where I need to see someone's personal website for hiring, etc. But personally, I find them to be so important. It's your chance to brand yourself and tell your story, with your words, in the format you choose. I'm always impressed when I come across someone's personal website who is not involved with web design/development. So I'm shocked when those who are involved with web design/development don't have one.

  2. Make it yours. Tell your story. Highlight your projects. I think a personal website should consist of some amount of play. It's one website where you can do it your way, you're not boxed in by a platform, by a client, or by a boss. Have fun with it.

  3. I think that is up to you to determine. "How" can mean so many things, the design, the tools, etc. Do you need a CMS? Is there going to be regular updates? Are you learning a new framework that can be integrated?

I've now had countless iterations of my own website since 2001 when I bought my first domain name. Coming up on 20 years! You can see the latest at

Good luck and have fun with it!

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Andrew Janke

I dig your website, Bugsy!

I also agree with what you're saying here. Having your own website lets you present yourself in your best light and take control of the story and dialog involved in the job search and interview process.

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Sara Cunningham Author

A website really is a form of branding yourself. Looking at it from that perspective it's clear to make a personal website/portfolio. I would say I am pretty new to web development so I don't think I can do anything too complicated but maybe could display some of my knowledge about front end web development through the site.
When I do create the website I will mess around with what tools I need and will be useful. I am going to experiment with a bunch of different stuff to see what I like.
Also, I checked out your site and it's really cool!