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Introduce Chaos Platform 2.0 for Azure

bugra_derre profile image Bugra Derre ・2 min read

You develop systems? You operate them on Microsoft Azure? Then this post is for you.

Offering highly available systems means building resilient systems. Architecting your system to expect failure is a core approach nowadays. Chaos engineering embraces the uncertainty and aims at anticipate rare, unpredictable, and disruptive outcomes, so that you can minimize any potential impact on your customers.

The good: you can improve resiliency. Be proactive and embrace failure. Harden your system by breaking it. Do small steps and minimize your blast radius. A bunch of chaos engineering tools will assist you.

The bad: most of the tools require a new learning curve, another portal to log in or installing some black box agents on your virtual machine.

As the existing tooling was too complex for us, we decided to build our own easy-to-use Chaos Platform that focuses on and fully integrates itself into Azure and Azure DevOps.

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  • No need for a new learning curve - the Chaos Platform GUI is easy to use.
  • Automatize your resilience with the well-known Azure pipeline tasks - we built it for you
  • Agentless approach - we fully exploit the potential of the Azure API
  • Safely minimize your blast radius with application level attacks, rather than blowing your virtual machine.
  • Build trust incrementally. Run Azure resource attacks, when you established a fundamental confidence on your system.

Enjoy to turn failures into resilience with Proofdock Chaos Platform. Check out the full article or jump directly into Chaos Platform in the Azure DevOps Marketplace.

We are happy to get feedback from you. We are Proofdock and enthusiastic about fresh ideas and feedback to improve ourselves.

Cover image is provided by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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