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Doodling in C# at Quora

Bruce Axtens
Programmed Canon Canola calculators in 1977. Assorted platforms and languages ever since. Assisting with I am NOT looking for work -- I've got more than enough to do.
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Today I tried answering some questions over at Quora. They were questions about words and I answered them with word lists and then the C# code I cooked up to generate them. In each case I used a "linuxwords" word-list from Duke University.

The first was asking for 5-letter words starting with 'R'. I had intended originally simply to use a programming language of some sort (C# or maybe deno (seeing as I've just started learning it)) and post the result but someone beat me to it, so I thought I'd add some value by posting code. After that I figured I'd post code every time.

The second question asked for 7-letter palindromes starting with 'R'. The result set was very small: two words.

The third question was poorly worded so I made some guesses about what that OP wanted, implemented those guesses and posted the code. I'm still having this thing with Linq so the code is probably wordier than it could be. Hopefully someone (here or there) will demonstrate a better way.

Have a wander around Quora yourself and see if there's anything there you can solve with some code. It's fun and you may learn something along the way. Maybe have a go at What are 10 letter words with no repeating letters.

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