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You can now build internal tools on your own infrastructure in minutes ⚡⚡⚡

We are excited to announce the release of Budibase self-hosting. This is a huge release representing hundreds of hours of work by many people in the Budibase community, including invaluable feedback from beta testers who have helped shape the design every step of the way.

What is Budibase

Budibase is a low code platform - like Retool and Outsystems - but with an important difference; Budibase is open-source and fully focused on the developer.

Budibase helps you build modern internal tools on your own infrastructure, in minutes not months. With Budibase you can add data/connect to a data source, design and build your UI, automate workflows, and deploy your app to your own infrastructure.

The release

Introducing: The Budibase Pre-launch Release

In this version:

  • Self-hosting with Docker and DigitalOcean
  • Connect to external data sources: airtable , MongoDB, PostgreSQL ,dynamodb, MySQL, CouchDB, Elasticsearch
  • Handlebarsjs templating



You can now self-host your Budibase apps using Docker and Digital Ocean. This is a critical feature for organizations who prefer to host their apps within the security of their own infrastructure.

Docs around self-hosting can be found here

External Data Sources

External Data Sources

Orgs are collecting more data than ever before. Where they store this data is often inconsistent leading to data-fragmentation.

It's our goal to support all the data sources our users need. Today, we are happy to announce we support:
Mongodb, mySQL, postgreSQL, Airtable, Couchdb, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, S3, CSV.

And you can continue to build apps from scratch using Budibase's built-in database.


Previously, we used Moustache for data binding. We quickly realized this was not going to suffice for our users' needs. So, we've moved to Handlebarjs. Out of the box, this makes Budibase more dynamic, allowing you to enrich your data, add logic, and benefit from its many helpers.

Querying UI

Query UI

We've created a query UI that will help you query your external data, edit its schema, and preview it before completion. The main query interface can be accessed from the data UI, but you can also access a mini-version in the design UI too.

We use Codemirror for the query interface and we think you'll love it.



Containing so much functionality within an interface without making it look and feel busy is a tricky task. To help us, and make life easier for you, we've added a drawer component. The drawer component is used for: adding actions, binding, and querying. It will soon be used for adding custom CSS too.

Thank -you

We would like to thank the Budibase community for all their hard work and contributions. Beta has been a long and full-filling journey, with over 3,000 users create over 2,000 apps. And this is just the beginning. We're excited to announce, this will be our last release before ... the official launch of Budibase.


Sign-up to Budibase here: Budibase or check out the Budibase Github Repo

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