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30+ free CRUD app templates to help speed up development

Hi 👋

Since January, the team at Budibase has worked night and day to develop over 30 CRUD app templates.

These templates are completely free and fully customizable.

To checkout the templates, click the following link:
Link to free CRUD app templates

I've also included 3 of my favourite templates below:

1. Application tracking system 💼

Advertise jobs, receive applications, and track candidates.

Link to template

applicant tracking system

2. IT ticketing system 🖥️

Keep on top of support tickets and preventing them from falling through the cracks.

Link to template

ticketing system

3. A multi-step form and admin panel 🎯

Capture leads with this multi-step lead form, and analyse results with a private admin panel.

Link to template

multi-step form preview

For those who don't know, Budibase is an open source low-code platform designed to make it easier, faster, and more fun to build internal apps.
Link to Budibase Github Repo

You can use these templates with Budibase for free - hosting included! You can also host these apps on your own infrastructure using Docker, K8s, Digital Ocean.

If these templates save 1 developer a couple of hours, then this effort has been a success!

Have a wonderful weekend,

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