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Did you lose your internship due to COVID-19?

buddhikac96 profile image Buddhika Chathuranga ・1 min read

You may be one intern among thousands of interns, who lost their internship due to COVID-19. But you know, still, the opportunity is there. COVID-19 only needs social distance. But still, you can do your intern remotely.

There are many programs which are providing software engineering internships. Google Summer of Code is the most popular event among all of that. So do you know, the Google Summer of Code 2021 is coming? Don't be late. Read this article to learn how to get selected into Google summer of code 2021.

If you are fed up with the non-paying internships, Google's summer of code is not among them. They provide amazing stipends. Anyway, experience is the best thing you should collect from the event.

Don't be late. If you start ASAP, the opportunity is bigger.

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