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Installing HAXcms on Reclaim cloud

Bryan Ollendyke
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HAXcms is our headless CMS offering that's being built as part of the HAX universe. It's an entirely web components driven solution to rapidly built blogs, doc sites, and helps support our mission of delivering educational content in a platform / format agnostic way.

Reclaim hosting vs Reclaim cloud

Reclaim hosting is a shared hosting vendor that has one-click installs of HAXcms (via CPanel) and a provider I've enjoyed working with in the past. My students learn about CMS technology because of the low cost and simplicity of installation that Reclaim offers, but the point of reclaim hosting isn't scale, it's experimentation.

Because our interests align on experimentation and that philosophy should drive technology need, they were the first hosting provider to support HAXcms, and with their new offering, they are solving the scale aspect. is a scalable / cloud infrastructure version of the Reclaim hosting platform. If Reclaim hosting is great for my students, this is a tool built more for me (developer / educator).

In this screen-cast, I demonstrate how to use the marketplace in Reclaim cloud in order to take HAXcms for a spin. It provides the same ease of setup that their CPanel based stuff does but in a way that can click a button to scale.

Is this overkill?

Oh totally; HAXcms's speed is entirely derived from the usage of CDNs to ship the unbundled webcomponents to the end user as quickly as possible. If you don't want to learn how to setup and run HAX11ty though, HAXcms on cloud infrastructure is a simple way to stamp something out with high performance and SEO.

The SEO implication comes from the PHP back-end in HAXcms serving the content into the page at run time. This way a crawler will get the content (unlike currently how is hosted off gh-pages and won't get the same SEO indexing). HAX11ty does this by statically building the pages via 11ty's build engine, which is something we'll probably switch to for these sites in the future.

So do you really need cloud infrastructure to host mini-static sites who are getting all their assets from CDNs anyway??? No, but it doesn't make it any less awesome and it gives the option of running those JS assets off of systems that are not real CDNs yet allow for local delivery (ensuring higher resiliency then a global CDN which could theoretically go down / change).

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