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PowerApps clone Flow within Solution


In my experience using the Power Platform I’ve focused a great part
of effort in understanding and using its ALM that continue to evolve
providing very useful tools allowing to facilitate introduction of
Devops practices within the Microsoft low-code eco-system

The Problem: Clone a Flow within Solution

During Power Platform development I use almost exclusively
Solutions and Microsoft Power Platform CLI (aka PAC) to manage
ALM and often I deal with problem to clone a Flow within solution.

Really the problem was also for clone canvas app within solution
but lately in preview Microsoft has released the feature add canvas apps to solution by default

So I've decided to search for a solution and I landed on this forum topic Copy/Duplicate a Flow in a Solution
that explain how to clone a flow once unpack solution using PAC.
Since I've already [enhanced PAC in Nodejs using ZX], I started to implements a new feature in zx-powerapps-cli.

Solution: zx-clone-flow command

Now a new command zx-clone-flow is available from the latest version of zx-powerapps-cli package.
Usage is very simple once exported a solution from Power Platform Cloud Environment to Local File system (e.g. local git repo)
using either the macro-command zx-export-solution or directly using
the PAClow level ones (pac solution export / pac solution unpack) it is enough run zx-clone-flow providing
solution folder and flow json file and et voila' the flow will be cloned.
After that you have to import solution to Power Platform Cloud Environment from Local File system using either the macro-command
zx-import-solution or directly using the PAC low level ones (pac solution pack / pac solution import)


Below I’ve recorded a brief video that cover the entire cloning lifecycle from beginning to the end

Clone Powerapps Flow in Solution video


I hope this feature makes Flow development easier as it did for me, in
the meantime, happy programming and ... enjoy zx-powerapps-cli! 👋

Originally published at on Sep 22, 2022.

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