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8 Best Black Friday Deals for Developers

Black Friday Sale

As the holiday season is quickly approaching and Black Friday and thanksgiving are around the corner, here are some amazing black Friday deals for you and your Dev friends.


PluralSight Black Friday offer

Pluralsight is a tool that is well suited for people who are excited and want to learn a variety of computer technologies. It is an amazing product for in or outside of the workplace, as long as the person is using it for self improvement. Pluralsight is offering 40% for their Black Friday Sale.

Visit PluralSight


TUK Black Friday Sale

Tuk consists of a beautifully designed Web Application kit, a Marketing kit and an Ecommerce Kit. These kits are very well designed and can fast track your workflow. TUK also comes with React, Angular, Vue & Html templates. It consists of 30 templates and 1000 components that allows for a variety of functions and uses.

Take advantage of their Black Friday offer and get 30% off on their beautifully crafted UI kits.

Visit Tuk


Warppixel Black Friday sale

Warppixel is for both designers and developers, It has an amazing collection of beautiful admin templates and mega bundles that consists of so much i.e. snippets, freebies etc. They are offering 95% discount on bundles of admin dashboard templates and multipurpose website templates for this Black Friday. You also get 25 premium products with unequal support.

Visit Wrappixel


Appseed Black Friday Sale

Appseed is a prototyping tool created for people that design for mobile. Appseed runs entirely on your iOS phone or tablet. The idea behind this app is that you're laying out the interface and planning the interactions directly on the device you are planning to design on. With their Black Friday deal, you can get 50% off without using any code.

Visit Appseed

Level Up Tutorials

Level Up Tut Black Friday sale

This platform is for both designers and developers. Level Up Tutorials is a free, accessible, and thorough resource to start learning softwares that you think will likely improve your skill set. It has a catalog of over 1000+ free videos for designers and devs. You can always Level Up your skills with clear and high production video tutorials. They have a limited time offer for black Friday live on their website where you can avail 50% off on their tutorials.

Visit Level Up Tuts

Creative Tim

Creative Tim Black Friday sale

Creative Tim provides premium and open-source templates in bootstrap, Vue, Angular etc. Products from Creative Tim are used by over one million developers all over the world. The best thing about this offer is the variety of templates in each stack. They have a stack based on technology that means if you like working on React you can buy the React stack in which you will get several UI kits, templates, admin dashboards and templates etc.

You can check out their main Black Friday page and avail 80% off on all their products.

Visit Creative Tim


Bluehost Black Friday Sale

Bluehost is one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world. They’re rated #1 in web hosting for startups and small businesses. They're offering up to 75% off on their services as a special discount for Black Friday

Visit Bluehost


Themesberg Black Friday Sale

Themesberg is a tool that brings quality code and templates together. It has free and Premium themes, templates, admin dashboards and UI kits built in Bootstrap, React, Laravel, and Figma that will make your work easy for you and are used by over 22000+ developers and software companies. Take advantage of their Black Friday offer and get 90% off on their well crafted UI kits.

Visit Themesberg


So far I've reviewed many dev and designer friendly tools that I've always wanted to get my hands on. These are just few of my personal favorites and will become yours too if you give them a try!

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