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I interviewed with Nick Janetakis: here's what I learned

Bruno Oliveira
・2 min read

[My interview is available here]

Hello all,

When I first joined the community, my main goal was to learn from others, as everyone seemed so much more knowledgeable than me. Over time, this feeling of also wanting to put what I know into words and out there for other fellow developers to read and comment on grew, and I decided to start writing what I knew, what I learnt at my job on a daily basis, and, more importantly, I started leaving my comfort zone.

Being in your comfort zone is easy, you are comfortable with all the concepts you would be writing and thinking about, you can do it almost without thinking, and, while that can be great to showcase to others what you know, it has the downside that you won't be learning new things.

In order to change this, and, to both grow as a developer and as a writer, I started my Flask series, about a simple recipe aggregator app, that started in my head as simply consuming an API and showing some recipes, but, evolved into much more over time.

It has been the largest side project I've ever done so far, and I want to keep using it as a medium to become a better developer and software engineer.

In fact, I eventually have let's say, a beta version, up and running on Heroku, so, you could say, it's live and "in production".

Thanks to this, and out of my own initiative, I decided to contact fellow writer @nickjj thanks to his initiative of interviewing devs about what they have running in production.

Throughout the whole process, Nick was really helpful, taught me some things, and left me with the idea of improving some aspects of my app, that shall subsequently make me a better developer:

  • Security matters: using http vs. https, encryption of DB passwords, how to handle failure and error recovery. I haven't given this a lot of thought yet, but, this process will point me in the right direction.

  • Branding and a good name: yep, I hadn't thought about a name yet, so, the more social aspect was also something I am now much more aware of.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and I feel I left it being better than before and, once again, challenging myself.

If you like it, please share it in order to help me and Nick as well!

All the best!

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Nick Janetakis

Hey Bruno,

I'm glad to hear the experience was positive and you left with some new things to think about. That's exactly what I was hoping from launching the site. People would read something (either as a visitor or an interviewee) and walk with something new to think about and apply to their app.

Thanks again for responding so quickly!