Adding Notch support to your React Native apps: Android, iOS & Web

Bruno Lemos on September 01, 2019

In this tutorial we'll learn how to properly support notches (aka “display cutout”) on Android, iOS and Web with just a few lines of code. Here's ... [Read Full]
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Thanks very much for the tutorial Bruno!

Please can you provide some more information on the part where you add the onCreate() method to the MainActivity class? I have added the code that you suggested and it is riddled with errors.

I have an error on the Override statement "Method does not override method from its superclass".

An error on onCreate(Bundle...) "Method onCreate(Bundle) is never used"

And an error on super.onCreate(savedInstanceState) "onCreate(android.os.Bundle) in ReactActivity cannot be applied to Bundle"

I'm not an android dev, so finding it difficult to debug this myself. Thanks a lot!


We may need to import import android.view.WindowManager; in


Thank you so much for sharing a cross-platform solution for this problem. I was wondering the SafeArea insets would have to be added to every screen in the app (assuming that app contains multiple screens). Is there anyway to do provide a context or something and wrap around the main component such that all other screen components do not have to be defined explicitly?

Also, does the package react-native-safe-area-context works with Expo apps?

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