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How to Changing Web Page Layouts in The Browser

Have you ever wanted to edit your web app using developer tools and you end up using much time than needed as a web developer? We are going to see how we can change that just in seconds so how do we do that let see it in the leading paragraphs. Enjoy

Exception in the article

  • develop much faster than you normally do

  • increase productivity

  • work smart but not hard

Let get into it so, firstly download the extension in the web store now

the extension name is called visbug


*Click or press alt + shift + d*


*Click or press option + shift + d*

it will look like this

React App.png

As conclusion, it is important to work fast but effectively as the say goes work smart but not hard only if you need it. if you need more details about the extension go to their official site and read docs(documentation) and also the site you see is all developed using the **visbug **extension

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