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Who is your hiring team?

In many cases, your hiring team is the first exposure a potential employee will get to your company. They should accurately represent the organization and help set expectations for any applicant of what the company values.

Is your hiring team an accurate representation of the diversity and values of your organization? Do they provide a good snapshot or are they discouraging candidates without even knowing it?

Been reading a lot about unconscious bias lately, and want to know your opinions.

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Edward Sanders • Edited

Our hiring team is just like the rest of my team: majority white and male. On this site, many are aware that the lack of diversity is issue that plagues the industry, and make efforts to combat it. Unfortunately, large swaths of the industry don't recognize the problem or don't think there is anything that we can do about it.

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I like to believe it's more people who don't think there is a solution and fewer who believe it isn't a problem. While the outcome of both is usually apathy, I think there's a little less malice in the former. And that if we can convince them of a solution, they'll act to make the change.