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Boris Joskic
Boris Joskic

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Started working on a library for building web sites

While building my personal, very simple, web site I did not really want to use frameworks such as Angular or React as it would be a bit too much for a simple site..and did not really want to set up webpack from scratch..

So, what does a developer do when he does not want to use premade solutions which make his life easier? Creates his own library, of course!

I really liked the idea of it, plus it is nice practice for me to work on a library.

What it does now is that it converts SCSS to CSS, MD to HTML and displays blog posts list in index.html file.

It's barebones but its fun to work on this, my kind-of-first library..I was really excited when I found out what npm link does!

Here is a github repo url:
Live example:
Comments are welcome!

Might not be the most original idea(we already have tons of libraries and frameworks), but I personally plan to use it and continue work on it.

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