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Great article. Unfortunately this kind of shaming happens a lot in our industry, regarding many aspects like tools, programming languages, methodologies etc. "You are not a real developer, if you do something different than what I consider to be the best way"!

And some people get really to the extreme defending "their way". Not everything is a boolean value. There are various ways of doing the same thing and many times, doesnt mean one way is better than another. just different and people need to start understanding that.

Regarding the topic gui vs cli, I use both depending on the context.

For example Git I only like to use cli unless for merge conflicts.

For coding I like to use a decent editor with autocomplete and all the goodies. I use both Jetbrains IDEs and VSCode. Still I always have the "Integrated Terminal" open all the time. Things like running NPM or Docker commands, while they can be run directly from most IDEs, It feels more natural to me to run them directly in the terminal.

I can use vim if needed. Just not with the same level of productivity.

I also have troubles memorizing keyboard shortcuts. It amazes me people who use keyboard shortcuts for everything. The same with code snippets aliases. I canΒ΄t handle 3 letter acronyms, like rrc for "reactReduxComponent" in VSCode React snippets. I would name something like "react:redux-component" and have the help of autocomplete.

Everyone is different and have their way of working. What matters is what works for you!

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