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Vue 3 Component Library 2022

This are component libraries that support vue 3 that you can use on your vue 3 projects. Lets just start and no further ado. This list is not in order on whos best. Beta or alpha version are not included. If you have more suggestions comment it bellow.

1. Naive UI

Well according to the website it is a fairly complete, Theme Customizable, Uses TypeScript, Fast and Kinda interesting. I tried this component library my self and it has a lot of useful components. I also like how you can customize the themes.

naive ui some image

2. Element Plus

Element has now created their own component library that support vue 3 called Element Plus.

element plus vue 3

3. Ant Design Vue

And design Vue for vue 3 is now the default for ant design vue documentation, this mean they are focusing making it better.

ant component library

4. equal

Equal is also a simple component library but its beatiful, it was not updated after 14 months but still has some good components that you can use.
ant design vue

5. Quasar

Quasar is the might be one of my favorite because it has most of the components that I need to build a website or desktop applications.

quasar vue 3

6. Varlet

This library is also good but it mostly focusses on mobile components, so if your building a mobile or desktop, this library is great. It can still be used for web.
varlet vue 3

7. Vant 3

This library focuses on mobile and desktop development as well but it can still be used for web development.
Vant 3

8. Prime Vue

What I like about this component library it has different css styles to choose from like material, bootstrap, etc. And also has most useful library to create a website or apps but you have to install other libraries to use other components.

primve vue

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