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Jenuel Oras Ganawed
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I created a platform to Create Family Tree

Hi! I just want to show a new web app I created. I just call it fam-tree. It's a simple platform where you can create a simple family tree.

Here is the Website:

I created the application because I am looking for a good tool to create family tree. I saw a lot of tools like photoshop, diagram tools, etc. but I was not able to find one until I saw a library that is called familytreejs, and this is the perfect library to make things it easy to develop.

Second, I am looking for a good storage to save the users data if they decide to logged in. And I choose firebase firestore because of how easy it is to setup. Like setting up some rules etc.

I also added an option to create family without logging in to try, and to save data to localstorage and you can continue working on it.

The web app is totally free to use.

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