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Create and deploy Website in just a second

Hi im a web dev here. Because of Covid19 most of us moved from office based to Work From Home environment. So during this time, I was able to use my free time in creating a website.

This is my website that I created using domain in freenom.

Step 1

Create your app.

Go ahead and create you webapp/site. You can use nodejs, VueJs, AngularJs, React Js, or maybe pure html,css, and js.

Step 2

Build Your App (optional)

remove the directory where the build files are created in .gitignore file.

Step 3

Add it as a new Repository in your account.

Create a new repository, and push your files inside it.

Step 4

Add it in Netlify

Open Netlify, if you don't have an account then create one. Then you can now add it in netlify with the option 'New Site From Git' and set it up.

Step 5

Create you own domain name

For me, since I want to test the website I created a free domain in freenom. And then use it to your netlify website in the domain setting option.

I did not create much info above because I want to keep it short and sweet. If you dont know how things are done above. Please learn it, at least watch a video or read some articles or blogs.

Have a good day Fellow Develoeprs 😀😁👍👍👍😎

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