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Vue is awesome but...

To start of on a positive note, I really like what I've learned about Vue in version 2.x of the docs. Vue seems very powerful and useful, which is good because I'm trying to develop a website locally using Laravel, Vue, and MySql. However, I have found the installation and setup of Vue to actually be the hardest part. I'm trying to use Webpack, and for the life of me I can't seem to get Vue to actually work on the blade.php file. I was thinking that version 2.x of the docs did a much better and thorough job of explaining the installation of Vue. If I can't figure it out soon, I'll be forced to use the CDN method. I took a technical communication class at my university years ago and it taught me to always consider my audience. All that being said, Vue is great. I just wish I could get a better view.

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