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Cover image for When have you done something you thought was "simple" that has impressed a client or stakeholder?

When have you done something you thought was "simple" that has impressed a client or stakeholder?

brob profile image Bryan Robinson ・1 min read

Sometimes we take things for granted as developers. The Web is a magical place when you know how the magic works. There are plenty of people we work closely with that may not have that understanding.

Have you ever done something that felt simple, but seemed magical to someone that hasn't written code?

I can remember multiples that I've opened up dev tools in a browser and made an adjustment to something live next to a client and had their eyes widen in surprise. What sorts of things have you done that surprise non-coders?

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Once a rare record seller friend asked me how his competition were aware of records he put for sale on discogs within minutes. After trying to explain that they probably hired an offshore crew of developers to build a scraper. Talk was evolving into explaining how it all works.
I set out to explaining by showing, and within hours he had a simple UI to enter record IDs, and would receive an SMS within 5 minutes of a record being available on discogs.

source code here if anyone is interested:

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Jack Domleo

I got moved onto one of my company's products to help them meet a deadline. I was given the task of creating this UI (an advanced search filter, but it was fiddly but nothing I couldn't handle) and the entire department were entirely impressed. That feature was going to be dropped because of the complexity, but I'm glad I help them out. 😊

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Converting input[type="password"] to input[type=""]

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Eugene Samonenko

nothing. just have proved that client doesn't need that feature

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