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Design Critique: Portfolio Danjel.dev

brob profile image Bryan Robinson Updated on ・1 min read

In this video, we'll take a look at another developer portfolio and give some tips and tricks around visual hierarchy and spacing.

I talk about how to space elements to allow a user room to read, as well as how to use font sizes and line heights to give clear indication of important content on the page.

His website is danjel.dev and you can follow along with the video and take a look at it yourself!

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Would you like a design or code review?

I've started a site off of the DEV platform to collect requests for code, design and resume reviews. I'm partnering with my friend James Q. Quick. He'll provide amazing code reviews (like this one), I'll provide design critiques and we'll both take a look at resumés submitted.

Go over to PeerReviews.dev to request a review!

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Bryan Robinson


I'm a designer, developer, lover of static sites and CSS


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I would also consider pulling those separators that you used on your home page to break apart the separate conferences. It could be a nice way to tie that design choice through the rest of your site while adding to the separation created by the natural text hierarchy.


Yeah, that sounds great actually!

Thank you also for this advice. It's greatly appreciated!


Hey Bryan!

This is really really helpful!! Just a few little tips and it all just looks a lot better and it works much better now. Just as you said in your video: it's all about visual space.

I also enjoy the way you give feedback, it's positive and actionable. This made me able to dive straight in to update the design. I immediately worked on the low hanging fruits and I will work soon on all the other comments you made. Thank you so much!!

Also, you pronounced my name right. ;)


Glad it was helpful and the site's looking great! Good job doing the changes so fast!

I debated on how to pronounce your name, so I'm glad I got it right!