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Virtual Machines

Virtual Machine

We have a process known as server virtualization which is a process of dividing a physical server into multiple unique and isolated virtual servers where each virtual server can run its own operating systems independently. Before we have one physical server on which each application was hosted. As an example, if we have one server then we have only one operating system there and one application will be hosted and that will be serving the request of the users. But, now after the server virtualization concept and the concept of virtual machines(VM) what we have got that single server will be now virtualized which means on this single server itself we will be able to run a lot of virtual machines. There will be one physical server but all of the machines that are running on this single server they will be known as the virtual machines. They won't be present physically but they will be inside the server. So, basically earlier this single server was used for just one purpose but since now the virtualization has happened that means many VMs can run on single server. Depending on the capacity the physical server we can determine what are the number of virtual machines that can be there on a single server. So, basically earlier it was just used for one purpose now it can be used for multiple purposes. Because on a single physical server, we can have multiple virtual machines for different applications and operating systems.
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