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Caching Web and Databases Part-1

Let's understand caching with an example, we need to go to store to buy necessary things which is 30 minutes away from home and but usually we buy a lot of things and stoke them. For frequent uses when we need them we don't need to travel 30 minutes to store to buy it again. Here we are doing caching using our home as a temporary storage for frequent access.
Home --> Store (30 minutes)
Home --> Stocked Items (2 minutes)
Now, in technical term when we keep some data in temporary storage so that quickly we can retrieve it for frequent uses. There can be certain types of data that can be cached and few of the examples include frequently accessed data the static data and the data that requires quite slow and expensive queries. I will be discussing about the caching of web session state and the databases let's start with the database caching.

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