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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. In 2006, AWS began offering IT infrastructure services to business in the form of web services now commonly known as cloud computing. Now, AWS has more than 200 services offered. AWS provides a highly reliable scalable low cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses. In, 190+ countries around the globe AWS has architected to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today.

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This is the AWS global infrastructure it has 26 launch region with multiple availability zones. The regions are the clusters of data centers. Each region has maximum of three availability zones as you can see the in the picture the blue dots are the availability zones and the yellow dots are upcoming regions. AWS has 84 availability zones around the globe. It has 400+ Edge Locations and 13 Regional Edge Caches(410+ Points of Presence).

Why you should pick AWS?

AWS is leading cloud infrastructure service provider in the industry with the largest share of 33%. AWS offers low pay, as you go pricing. With no upfront expenses or long-term commitments. You pay only for what you use. It is scalable and supports higher performance. AWS provides a massive global cloud infrastructure that allows you to quickly innovate experiment and iterate instead of waiting weeks or months for hardware. You can instantly deploy a new application instantly scale up as per your workload requirement. You can instantly scale down as well based on the demand. Whether you need one virtual server or thousands. Whether you need them for a few hours or 24/7. You still pay for what you use so this is a benefit of AWS. AWS offers flexible environment. AWS is a language and operating system agnostic platform you choose the development platform or programming model that makes the most sense for your business. You can choose which services you use, choose how you use them. This flexibility allows you to focus more on innovation less on infrastructure.

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