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Why the best alternative of Imgix is Image4io?

Did you know that according to The Atlantic - "People uploaded an average of 1.8 billion digital images every single day." and "Every two minutes, humans take more photos than ever existed in total 150 years ago". This fact alone shows us that as humans, we are creating extreme amount of content every single day and mind-blowing fact is that this article is from 2015. Think about the current situation now while keeping technological advancements in mind. Although it is amazing to have such massive amounts of content available, it is not perfect as it seems. It has a single and really important drawback of,


A lot of people like to share the images and pictures they had, rarely keeping for themselves. As a result, their first option is to use mainstream social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Although it is enough for some people, it is certainly not enough for everyone. People tend to create more personal spaces and even businesses out of their contents. This is the exact reason to create a website.
At first glance, creating a website looks simple but it is way complicated than it seems. The reasoning behind that is simple. We don't live in the 1990's anymore and reasonable amount of people have high-speed network connections. As a result, people want to access stuff that they want to see FAST. We are aforementioned that a lot of content is available on the internet, so every single day standing out becomes much more challenging task.
Now imagine a situation where you, as a visual content creator, have a website. You want to share your content, sell your merchandise and possibly make some profit. However, after you have uploaded you hundreds of your awesome creations, you noticed that your website took ages to load. Guess what would happen?
Everybody went to your website, think it is not loading and move on to the next one. No one is ever noticed your valuable content.
This happens to creators every single day, and even worse, as for the large businesses as well. Imagine the revenue loss they had every single day, because of a few seconds. To eliminate that issue, Content Delivery Network's (CDN's) must be implemented on websites. Since we have already explained the benefits of CDN's on the previous articles. We now move on to the available service providers in the industry.
When it comes to utilizing CDN's for image delivery Imgix is one of the services that is primarily used. But like in every product, all it comes to user preference. Website owners already dealing with a lot of plugins, frameworks, services etc. Adding new services into the common tech-stack is also unfavorable task. Also for cost efficiency it is generally not the optimal solution. So making the right choice is especially crucial, since it is difficult task to make changes and integrations on a website. To test the services of a website, what could be better than testing its own? Obviously, to keep it a fair comparison we would not be using our in-house developed speed test. Rather we use a third-party website called GTMetrix. It gives enough of a detail to make a comparison. But like in many comparisons, one source is not enought. So in addition to GTMetrix we include 's webpage test as well. We feed both image4io and Imgix to it and the results are following,

Alt Text Alt Text
Alt Text

As you can see, overall we deliver our homepage better in various aspects. And we also think that homepages can be good comparison tools for the software companies, especially if their service is related to it. If you don't experience top-notch performance at the homepage of the service provider, you should not be expecting from their service either if the content delivery networks and web-speed is the primary concern.
Unlike Imgix, we decided to 1-up our CDN solution and provide maximum for our customers and clients by including storage in our services too. So you will never need to separate your storage again, combined in only one step. This combination is solely designed and optimized for your flawless experience. Also, it is a major cost-cutting feature for our customers. Below you can see the pricing calculator and it is clearly shown that storage is one of the main expenses for the website. It is also important to mention that we use Amazon's S3 Storage Service pricing in our calculations since it is one of the mostly used storage services in the industry. Keep in mind that there are more costly and cost-efficient alternatives as well but logically this reflects to the service quality as well.
Like mentioned, we keep our prices as minimum as possible without sacrificing any quality. We always monitor our servers therefore we provide service continuously and minimizing downtime. If you are interested in pricing and interactive comparison you can always figure out yourself at our pricing calculator.

Alt Text

The aforementioned services are great on their own, but obviously not enough for us. We want our customers to have full control and flexibility over their needs. Without needing continuous support from others.
From this vision, we have implemented credit system in our service. So you can customize the service you want to have, according to your needs. It is separated into 3 parts where you can process your images, store them and deliver via CDN.
Only using image4io and nothing else.

This is the reason why we have satisfied customers which you can see it on here. And we left the one of the best parts at the end. You can immediately try image4io on your website without any cost at all.
If you have any doubts about integrations and migrations, we cot you covered. Again we want this process to be as smooth as possible for our clients. Therefore, you could always refer to these pages to get help.
We would gladly deliver your content as fast as possible while you focus on things that are really important.

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