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YouTube Removes Cryptocurrency Videos Citing "harmful or dangerous content"

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YouTube, the largest video hosting platform, has turned hostile towards crypto influencers or rather any cryptocurrency video. On 23rd December, several Youtubers reported their content had been removed by the platform citing "harmful or dangerous content." The more concerning aspect of the issue was that Youtube neither informed content creators nor released any official statement explaining the reasoning behind their decision.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter also does not allow for crypto advertisements on their platform, and Google, who acquired Youtube, has similar reservations towards digital currencies due to regulatory issues. However, before the recent event, there hasn't been any news of platforms removing content because it was associated with cryptocurrencies.

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They cant escape it no more. I think a lot of big businesses will implement the logic of "cant beat them, join them" starting with banks.
This might be big as long as BTC leaders dont screw it and give up their values to governments/businesses.