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Brijesh Shah
Brijesh Shah

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Cowin Vaccine Notifier

To help people notify about new vaccination slots being opened in their area in India, I have developed a very simple app:

Just enter your email id, age & area pincode against which you want to search the slots. If a valid slot is found matching your age group and pincode, you will be sent an email with the details of the same.


  • the system checks for new slots every 2 hour, which might be changed depending on the users registration. This also means that you will receive the same emails every 2 hour. Please feel free to block the sender's email id if you are done with the vaccination and no londer require the service. An unsubscription functionality is in plan to rectify the same
  • the system checks for new slots for today & 7 upcoming days
  • the system automatically deletes users who registered before 7 days, to ensure new users get an equal chance to register. Also because the system is running on a server with limited resources. So, if you want to continue getting the updates, just register once again after 7 days

Future improvements:

  1. Allow users to unsubcribe
  2. Allow users to enter multiple pincodes
  3. Allow users to enter till how many upcoming days do they want to check the slot availability for

Please share your feedback at:

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