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25 Tools & Extra Tactics For App Security [Free Ebook]

Download the free ebook about web and mobile app security. This ebook is a security deep dive for software developers as well as app owners, startups, and larger companies. Discover tools, resources, and guides that, step by step, will verify if your app is secure.

Download the free ebook

What’s inside the ebook?

Check out the table of contents:

  1. Why should I bother?
  2. How should I start?
  3. Introduction to OWASP.
  4. Automated security testing.
  5. Infrastructure reconnaissance.
  6. Infrastructure security.
  7. Security monitoring.
  8. The end.
  9. Author.
  10. Security software tools directory.

Security software tools directory

We listed every mentioned tool so you can easily go through them and start testing recommended solutions for your product.

Learn more about the author

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The ebook “25 Tools & Extra Tactics For App Security” was written by Rafał Hofman, Fullstack Developer at Bright Inventions. Rafał is a software developer with over 5 years of experience. He focuses on web security and specializes in Ethereum blockchain development.

Ready to digest a solid portion of security knowledge? Get the free ebook!

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