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Bookmark: Joplin


This one’s worth bookmarking because it’s open source, multi-platform including mobile, extensible, and can be synchronized via multiple services.

Still haven’t decided if it’s my one true note-taking resource, or if there ever will be such a thing. I wish there was setting synchronization too, but maybe there’s a plugin for that.

General usage

  • nodes can be notes or tasks, and you can toggle between them
  • note format is slightly tweaked variant of Github-Flavored Markdown
  • default split pane approach w/editor on one side, working preview on the other
  • has a rich editor, but that’s not my style so I couldn’t tell you how well it works
  • drag and drop to create subnotebooks
  • note links are via UUID-style hashes, so they’ll persist when you move a linked note


Check the master list of plugins. Check the forum for discussions and announcements.

Here’s what I’m using so far:

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