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Brian Kephart
Brian Kephart

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Mac users, recommend me a booklet printer!

The music school I work at currently uses a Konica Minolta Bizhub 364e. One of these:

A really big multifunction printer

Ever since MacOS Mojave came out, Apple's own apps are unable to use all of this printer's advanced features. The problem is, most of our curriculum books are laid out in Pages, which is one of the affected apps, so printing our books has become a pain.

At first I thought this was a bug that would be quickly fixed, but I learned here that it is due to an intentional change in the way Apple handles printer drivers. Many brands are affected. In the case of our printer, the manufacturer lists their 2016 driver as fully compatible, so it doesn't seem like they intend to change anything.

Can anyone recommend me a good multifunction booklet printer that fully supports Mojave?

The requirements:

  • Color laser.
  • Copier with flatbed and auto document feeder.
  • Scan to email.
  • 4 paper trays, cardstock capable, sizes up to 11x17.
  • Booklet printing with center staple & fold.
  • Support for all printer features on all Apple apps, including Pages and Preview.

Many thanks!

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Tobias SN

I think your best bet is to just hope that an updated driver will come out for Mojave sometime soon.

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Brian Kephart Author

Mojave's been out for six months. The manufacturer last released a driver three years ago, and their website lists it as compatible even though it's not. It's time to bet on something else.

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Tobias SN • Edited on

Well in that case I guess Konica Minolta doesn’t wanna bother supporting their printers for more than two years.