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Redis Light, Green Light

Overview of My Submission

I recreated the game "Red Light, Green Light" using Python, TypeScript and Redis!

One day in early August I was browsing DEV while re-watching MrBeast's Squid Game recreation video in the background when I came across the Redis Hackathon article. Then I got a crazy, random idea: Redis Light, Green Light!

Redis Light, Green Light

I became determined to create my own online, real-time, multi-player version of Red Light, Green Light powered by Redis and submit it to the Wacky Wildcard project category for my chance to win the hackathon!

I used my favorite languages and frameworks for rapid prototyping: Python with Flask to power the backend and TypeScript with the Nuxt.js framework to build the frontend components for my game.

For real-time communication I added the Flask-SocketIO library to my Flask app and the library to my Nuxt app. I also added celery for scheduling and processing async tasks. Redis was used as the message queue for websocket messages and it was also used as the broker for celery tasks.

This was my first project working with Redis Stack and Redis OM and I really liked using these tools. I stored most of my data in hashes, and the Redis OM library is perfect for using this data type. I also used Redis streams for the first time which was a lot of fun.

The backend application services include:

  • Flask server (for API endpoints and Websocket handlers)
  • Celery beat task scheduler (for scheduling tasks to change the light color in each room)
  • Celery worker (to change the light color for a room and to update that players in that room via Websocket)

Project Diagram

Please check out the video below for more details about how the project works.

Submission Category

Wacky Wildcards

Redis Light, Green Light YouTube Video

Language Used

Python. Honorable mention for JavaScript.

Link to Code

GitHub logo briancaffey / redis-light-green-light-dev-to-hackathon

My submission for the Redis Hackathon on DEV! "Red Light, Green Light" built with Python, JavaScript and Redis

Redis Light, Green Light

This project is an online, multiplayer implementation of "Red Light, Green Light" from Squid Game built with Python, Javascript and Redis. This is my submission for the 2022 Redis Hackathon on DEV!


Redis Light, Green Light Gameplay

Game event log built with redis streams

Redis Stream data

Architecture Overview

Project Architecture Diagram

Code Overview with cloc (count lines of code)

make cloc v 1.94  T=0.03 s (1102.7 files/s, 67098.7 lines/s)
Language                     files          blank        comment           code
Vuejs Component                 13            104             14            528
Python                           3            178            104            410
Markdown                         5            139              0            272
YAML                             3             10              0             83
make                             1             10              2             34
SVG                              2              0              0             22
TypeScript                       1              1              1             22
CSS                              1              4              0             18
JavaScript                       1              0              1             18
Text                             2              0              0             13
Dockerfile                       1              8              0             12
SUM:                            33            454            122           1432

Overview video

Here's a short video that explains the project and how it uses…

Additional Resources / Info

Redis Light, Green Light gameplay

Redis Streams

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jackmcbride98 profile image
Jack McBride

I personally would build this using react javascript frontend and node.js backend with express and Is the project hosted somewhere?